Monday, August 15, 2022

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

This is the year I turn 60. My gift to myself was a trip to Sisters, Oregon for the quilt show. I took a class with Jean Wells which was a special treat. She has such a gentle spirit and is a great teacher. Most of all, her approach to creativity is also gentle and fun. She approaches it as a journey. 

I had a quilt in the show which was a big deal for me. I haven’t participate in juried shows for several reasons.  The Sisters Show is an “everyone” type of show. No competition, just hanging everyone’s quilt. I just love the spirit of the show and the type of quilts it attracts. 


My quilt was an adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed making it but I’ve never made so many mistakes in one quilt. I’ve made all these mistakes before…just not all together at the same time.My mantra was “always forward,  never back.” I just let it go. Eventually. After several times thinking I better start another quilt for the show. But, I persevered.

As I stood waiting to see it, I listened. Not one person was pointing out the plethora of errors. The flaws only show to the person who sewed it and maybe to some sour old lady. We’ve all met her but she is outnumbered by folks who just want to see what other people have made.

The roses are appliquéd. They cover the intersection of several wedges. Brilliant design. I really love this quilt. The fabric is beautiful. It’s going to be my read a book and take a nap quilt.

Sarah Kaufman, author of the book Folded Log Cabin Quilts, had a gallery exhibit. These quilts are stunning. They are precise and elegant. I wish I had bought one.

The gold centers just glowed. The stitching was just enough for detail.

Tonye Phillips’ quilt was delightful. I believe it’s called garden girl. I have the pattern. It looks like so much fun to make.

The details in each girl were so clever.
This quilt was so striking. Jill Huntington is the quilter. It’s done with peppered shot cottons. I’d love to make one. Maybe people would be distracted and not see all the dog hair on the floor.
Absolutely fabulous quilt.
I wish I had gotten the maker. It was in an awkward location so the tag was hard to read. I just love the colors.
I believe this is a Jen Kingwell design. Another one in my que. 

The quilting is perfectly matched to the quilt design.

This looks like so much fun to sew. I love the updated fall colors. Beautiful.

Now to plan my quilt for next year.

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