Sunday, January 23, 2011


I've been in search of coasters that I felt were worthy of my living room. I say that because I "misplaced" the ones my new husband brought to our relationship. I must have been tired of the ones I owned in the past. So, we have been putting drinks on magazines and living without coasters.

My search for something that matched but wasn't overpriced resulted in nothing. I found a great tutorial at 2 to make the coaster below. Cheap and easy!

All you need is tiles ( 16 cents at Home Depot), Mod Podge, scrapbook paper (59 cents at Hobby Lobby), varnish, and felt circles.

And here is the final product. This will be a handy gift to have on hand.

Geranium Wall Hanging

I've had this pattern for a while. It's one of Edyta Sitar's for raw edge applique. I love the colors and it fits right into the geraniums on the patio.

I learned how to do raw edge applique from a workshop with Edyta last March. I think applique is beautiful but know that I don't have the patience for needle turn. Edyta showed how to use fusible web and machine applique around the edges. I was sold.

Here is the near finished project auditioning on the mantel. I'd like to frame it but it isn't a standard size. I'm begging the hubby to build me a frame.

Off to stitch it down. There is a slight possibility I will finish a project in less than a year. But let's not get our hopes up...the pressure to perform is too much for me.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Verna Postage Stamp Strips

I've joined the Postage Stamp Quilt Along that psiquilt is doing. She does great tutorials. Very easy to follow. It uses 2 jelly rolls-one print and one solid. I've had a Verna jelly roll and charm pack waiting for just the right project. I fell in love with the fabric so much that I didn't think any project was worthy. I'm not sure this is the perfect way to use my beloved but using what I have from my stash is one of my goals for this year. So, that made it the right project.

The solid I used is Moda Bella Solid White. And let's just say that using a white jelly roll is really lazy. I have the yardage. I could have cut the strips. I'm lazy but I sure enjoyed just unrolling those strips. When I'm brave I'll figure out how much more money a jellyroll costs than cutting it yourself. I think I know how the math will turn out.
My seeds are turning into plants! It is so much fun to check on them every morning when I wake up and every evening when I get home from work. Yes, I'm a nerd. See the tall, proud geraniums...

And the tiny petunias making their way. One kind of petunia didn't germinate. These are tiny little things coming into the world. Fun!

Now I'm off to start some Civil War Project blocks....

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Kitty is resting on the Schnibble. I've decided to hand quilt. It is ready to go. But I'm ready to go to bed.

Tomorrow's decision will be how many quilt alongs I will participate in. psiquilt has a postage stamp quilt along starting. She has clear tutorials. It's just one print jelly roll and one solid. I see some quick strip piecing. That seems doable.

Off to bed with thoughts of perfect hand stitches tomorrow. Or just some done.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolutions: Emptying the Bin and Filling Up

My Bin Has Been Too Full of Dangerous Thing
(Of course, I'm the one who filled the Bin!)

My Bin Has Been Full Of....

-Wasted Time: Just that. Not relaxed time but wasted time. There is a difference.

-Wasted Thoughts: I think too much about how I should make people happy. I work with lots of women. I always think what I should have done so they wouldn't be upset. There is no making them happy. Happiness is a choice we all make.

-Wasted Money: Too much Starbucks, magazines, books, fabric, plants, etc. that are just whims.

Out With the Garbage. I'm Filling a Basket With the Things I Love...

Full of Time spent outside
She hasn't been to the park is such a long time. She asks every day. We went today. It was great except for when she lunged and barked aggressively at another dog. But that's about her...these are my resolutions, not hers.

Full of Time spent gardening.

God is in the flowers and the new growth every day. It's such a lesson in life renewing itself...and going on.

Full of Time spent sewing.

I read the blogs showing how much some folks get done. They have busy lives too. Probably busier than mine. They make good choices with their time. I deserve to do that also.

So those are my thoughts for my new year. The pictures are corny but I just learned how to upload from the web. What a year it has been already! I learned something.

Hope your year is off to a good start.

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