Friday, December 31, 2010

Maison de Garance Schnibble

The Maison de Garance wall hanging has been pieced. It is an amazing accomplishment. I've come to the conclusion that I don't cut straight or sew straight. One side was an inch longer than the other. That's a lot of 1/4 inch seams being wrong. But I remind myself that I once stopped quilting because I felt things weren't perfect enough. I have to get better but not frustrated.

I really like this wallhanging. I think I'll make more Schnibbles. I felt I was accomplishing every time I left the sewing room. Just enough to bite off.

I've decided to hand quilt so I'll have something to do when I sit with DH watching tv.
I have no idea what this will become. I bought charm packs of Moda white. One night I needed to just sew. This is how far I've come. I don't know how to arrange them and how many more to make. I think some fell of the design wall but I have it complete this far. I don't know if I like it like this. Hmmm.....

New life! I ordered seeds from Burpee. My geranium seeds are sprouting. I'm such a nerd....this is so exciting to me. I took this picture then went to dinner. When I came back there were sprouts in another pot. So much fun!

I've got a set up in the spare bathroom. My goal is to save money on annuals and grow lots of them myself. It's a crazy amount of money to have fresh annuals in the summer.

Happy New Year! Be safe.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Schnibbling and Fat Geese

I have been coveting the Schnibbles I've seen on the blogs. I wish I had caught on to the Year of Schnibbles when it started. I decided I need one for a blank spot in the hallway.
I've never made flying geese. I've heard lots of moaning about them. There seem to be a million rulers. That indicates to me that they are hard. Therefore, I have avoided them. The instructions in the Schnibbles book call for an easy way-kind of like doing HST by drawing the line down the middle.
Little did I know how fat my geese would be. I sewed so proudly.
A flock of fat geese. I can't judge. I'm fat too. I wonder if this is like fat people who have fat dogs.
This is the layout.
And the first couple of rows sewed together with the obese geese scrunched in there.

I'm hoping to get the last rows sewn together tomorrow. I need to go to the LQS to buy some binding and backing. That's just an excuse to go to the LQS.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A New Camera!

Santa brought me a new camera. Actually it's from the DH. It's been a long time since I've blogged. My agenda has been full. I married the nicest man on the planet. He's the guy that bought me the spiffy new camera.

Not much commetary to this post. Tonight is a freeze so it seemed like a good time to capture some of the current blooms. I'm learning how to use the camera and loving it.

Turk's Cap

Mexican Flame Bush/Vine

Chinese Lanterns


Carolina Jessmine


Hope Christmas was a joyful and peaceful time for you.

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