Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Resurrection and A Woman 40+

I wish my mother was still with us. I would talk to her about what happens to a woman's brain around the age of 40. Why didn't she warn me? Why didn't she prepare me for this stage of life? My brain just isn't reliable anymore.

I few months ago my trusty, beloved Bernina 1080 died. The engine would rev but no action, no sewing. (You probably know what the issue is...if your brain is still reliable.) I grieved and ran out and bought a new Bernina. I love my new machine. But it did cost a pretty penny and there was drama. Useless drama.

Yesterday I had this epiphany. Or the hormones leveled and the brain began to work for a small amount of time. (I grasp these windows of lucidity when they occur.) My old machine wasn't broken...the bobbin winder was just on. Therefore, it wasn't sewing but winding.

So, I turned off the bobbin winder, plugged in the old girl, and began sewing. Resurrected.
Here she is quilting my Lil Twister. It took me forever to figure out which walking foot was for which Bernina. I will mark them so I don't have to use that kind of language when putting on a foot.

My Quilt Festival catalogue came and I'm registered! I've signed up for an Eleanor Burns, Sassy Stars, because I vowed to take a class with her when given the chance. She's such a legend and always so postivie. I also signed up for a Jean Wells Keenan. I love her book Intuitive Color. I need my view expanded. The last class is a thread sketching with Susan Brubaker-Knapp. It's an intermediate class but I'll slip in and see if they notice I'm not quite that yet.

Have a wonderful Wedneday!


  1. What a cute post! Darn. Two Berninas. Sigh.

  2. It's a MIRACLE! Great post!! I love, love, love your L'il Twister!!! I hope the new life continues to surge through your beloved machine.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog. Your quilting is impressive.

    If you think 40 is a crisis, try looking toward 70. My 79 year old neighbor successfully did her INR blood test to check her clotting time at home yesterday, dialed up the company that provides the machine and service, punched in her results and gave me a triumphant smile when they responded favorably. The 'girls' at the cardiologist's office and her son-in-law told me they didn't think she could do it at home and her internist's office implied that they didn't think so either when she asked if they were familiar with the machine. I knew she could and determined to make sure she succeeded.

  4. rofl on what happens to our brains at 40 LOL... I hate to tell you this but wait till you hit 46 LOL..

    I have never been to the Houston quilt show though it is on my list of things I want to do.

    I like the picture in your header, I have a dresden plate quilt like that in the works! Umm along with several other quilts LOL

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :O)


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