Sunday, July 31, 2011

Guiltless Nine Patch

I've started a new project. Of course, I didn't finish a project and then start another one. That would be too sane. I took 3 weeks off from work. It was much needed. I was mentally worn out, forgetting things, running into the back of cars, and overall an irritable person. I didn't want to go anywhere for a vacation. I wanted to spend 3 weeks at home getting my life in order, tackling sewing issues, reading, and cleaning out closets and overloaded drawers. The clutter is the result of moving into my husband's house a while back. I basically just crammed a lot of stuff in closets and drawers. There was no system. He never had one either. We were living cluttered and unorganized. Now the closets are cleaned out and the drawers organized. Goodwill is full of our junk. Aaaah!

This does relate to quilting. During my vacation I sewed and sewed. The stress relief and joy derived from sewing can't be explained to anyone who doesn't sew. One afternoon I got a wild hair to start something simple and cheap. Hobby Lobby has Kona Cotton for $6 something a yard and it is always 30% off. I have a bolt of Moda Bella White. So, technically, I was sewing from my stash. Almost. This is so cheap I call it my Guiltless Nine Patch.The blocks are so quick and rewarding. It's cheap fun. The hum of the sewing machine soothes.

I'm spacing out the blocks on my design wall with space between which will be a simple piece of white.

Machine binding was on the list of things to concur during my vacation. I finished up the Aster Manor Disappearing Nine Patch. It has found its place under the cat.

While I was taking this picture, Iris was outside. She is so jealous of the cat. Doesn't she look pitiful? Poor Iris.

Have a restful Sunday!


  1. You make make laugh, I love this post! ("Cheap fun" and "Under the cat"!) I do feel sorry for Iris, though; that's a pleading look if I ever saw one.

  2. Isn't it a great feeling to have a good clean out and feel all organised. Love the picture of you cat claiming the quilt but your dog does look a little woeful.

  3. Surfed over from Chooky Blue. Scrolled and read down and first off love the wool applique, then flowers and all the quilt designs. A tidy cupboard is a happy cupboard.

  4. That guiltless nine patch sorta of makes me think of Irish Chain with the all white nine patches and then the red and white ones.. very cool!

  5. ok now I see the white blocks are solid blocks not nine patches.. well heck even easier!


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