Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Reflections about the Past Year

I've been retired for over a year and it has been a learning experience. I over-committed my time so that I now crave time at home to just sew. I also learned how I need to choose where I volunteer. I am a systems thinker, too a fault. I mean....I'm annoying like that.  I've been in a few situations where I feel we are chasing our tails and repeatedly redo the same work. I'm certainly not at my best in these situations (that is polite for I'm not very nice) so I have learned I need to be more careful when choosing where and how I will be volunteering.

I am in a very active quilting bee with a subgroup that does charity sewing. The women are so nice and fun to be around. Lots of quilts go to needy groups. This quilt is going to Camp Hope which serves veterans with PTSD. It is going to be auctioned at their fundraiser in a couple of months.


My favorite new way to volunteer is to transport rescue dogs from the city shelter to Red Collar Rescue's vet. It's the dog's "Freedom Ride." They were on the kill list at the shelter and made it out. I get to be the one who takes them from the bad situation to the start of their new, safe life. I love it. My husband likes it because I'm not bringing them home.

I'm thinking ahead to Christmas. I found a new blog- Made by ChrissieD. Below is a link to her fabric card tutorial. It very detailed and looks like fun. The selvedge cards really look like fun.

On the blog 12 Squared, Emily shows how to make a houndstooth quilt from charm squares. I have some Christmas charm squares that need to be used. This looks quick. (Famous last words!)

That's a quick update to get me back in the habit of blogging. I've noticed that folks are putting their Instagram posts for the week on their blogs. That's a good plan.

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