Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ooops.....I did it again!

I signed up for another block of the month. I didn't do the two I signed up for last year. And this is my second for 2015. It is only $15 a month, though. And it is Minick and Simpson. And it is based on a Texas estate quilt.

This is Austin Bluebird Sampler available from Homestead Hearth for a very reasonable price. They have the best BOMs and are so easy to work with and friendly on the phone.

And on that note, what should my word for 2015 be? Pat Sloan has picked Finish. I thought I was going to steal that one. Then I came to Do It Now. I plan and then whittle the time away. So, I just need to do it. Do It Now is my nice way of telling myself to get off my butt and just do it. So, my words are Do It Now. With that in mind and the BOMs I have signed up for, this blog will be smokin'. I will be finishing so much...just you wait!

bucket list

So, I will use my time and Act.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Refocus

This orchid cactus bloom has been promising to arrive for quite a while. This picture isn't good. It is actually a large almost bloom. I was hoping it would emerge on New Year's day because it reminds me of the promise of new things. New year, new experiences, new hopes/wishes.  

I succumbed to a sew along. Aiming for Accuracy is having a sew along. I was wondering what to do with a couple of Fig Tree jellyrolls so I jumped in last night. Lots of four patches. They seem to be my thing lately. Nice, easy, peaceful sewing.

It is rough out in the garden. The two begonias below were almost identical. I thought my husband trimmed one. He sometimes trims things that I would have left alone. (Usually he is right about the needed trim.) Come to find out, he didn't trim the begonia on the right.

 The culprits. Emily and our new puppy, Maggie Magpie. They eat plants and apparently like the one of the right more than the one on the left.
 She seems so sweet. Until she eats all my plants.

Emily is struggling with the concept of abundance and sharing. She manages to stuff her mouth with the bones so no one else can have them.

 Maggie is precious. She was dumped on our street. My husband was a softy and went to get her. She was malnourished and dirty but has grown like a weed.

I'm looking forward to 2015. There is a lot of fun ahead.

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