Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter at the Arboretum

Today we spent the morning at Mercer Arboretum. Things are beginning to emerge. The hard freeze this winter took it's toll but nature has it's way.

Here are a few things I'd really like to have.

Texas Mountain Laurel. It looks like a tree form of wisteria. The blooms are lavendar. It's a girly tree.

Freesia: We stopped in our tracks when we saw this. It's a corm. I'm pretending I know what that means. I'll be looking it up. Basically, it's a bulb- I think. Gotta get me some of this!

Harlequin Flower: The picture doesn't do it justice. The yellow center is outlined, then the pop of orange or coral. It's like it is wearing eyeliner. Vibrant and a must have for me.

The Flintstones: I want to outline my front flowerbed with rocks like these. Scroll down and you'll see the area and the need. I need to meet Fred Flintstone so he can bring me some boulders.

Here is the front flowerbed. I have hydrangeas at the base of the tree. From left to right- oakleaf, Merritt's Beauty, and some kind that I need to find the tags for. A closer look. We dug out junipers that were always a nice green but very boring. Now I'm trying to figure out how it will all go together.

And last I have to include the Easter picture of the azaleas. I keep posting about them....but I'm in love. They'll be gone soon so I enjoy every minute with them.

Happy Easter All!


  1. You had a lovely Easter at the arboretum and have some wonderful blooms in your own gardens.

    I loved the 'Flintstones'. I watched them in the late 50's.

    Rock borders are neat. We have rocks and sea shells for borders.

    I'd love that Texas Mountain Laurel.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  2. I just love to be outside in the fresh air and enjoy the gorgeous flowers...looks like that is a wonderful place!

  3. Hey Joanna!
    Just doing a PhD check-in with all the participants! How is it going?
    Great photos! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  4. Doing another PhD visit... where are you hiding Joanna?


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