Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back to the Good Stuff- Fabric and Flowers

Time to get my life back. Too much work and too little play. Life just got busy. I haven't sewn consistently in quite a while. I did manage to put together this pillow. We got a new couch that needs a quilt and some pillows. Don't love this but it will do for now.

I will continue with the hexagons. I've been making them from an Aster charm pack. They truly are addictive, as everyone says. I don't have a big plan. We are going on a road trip. I'll be making hexagons along the way.

Below are some Jelly Roll Diamonds. I have 13 done. Need 23. I've decided I'm going to do some pillows. I like making blocks but the fun us lost when it has to be so many. I'm tired at 13. 23 seems like a long way off.

Plumeria are beginning to bloom. I think they are magical plants. I finally got to the flower beds along the fence line. It took 12 cubic yards of soil. I was afraid I would have to do it myself but found some guys to do it. Thank goodness. They worked for 4 hours. I'd still be working if I did it myself.

I'm glad to be back...starting fabric projects I never finish and buying plants and praying they will survive.


  1. I know! Too much work and too little play is right! Your plants are so pretty...they will do just fine!

  2. Oooh...I love your pink plumeria!

  3. ...LOL....I'm laughing at you not wanting to do the 23.....AND, I can tell by your beautiful flowers you are NOT in my part of TEXAS.....!!

  4. Oh my, making 23 of those lovelies would have me stressed. You are doing a lovely job of them though.

    Love your plumeria. I have a bright pink color. Got them as sticks more than 20 years ago, from a friend when she cut hers back. I hope yours do well for you.



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