Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quilt Festival- The Beauty

I'm on my way back to the Internatinal Quilt Festival. This is just a quick post and just one of the pictures I took. I think this quilt it beautiful in it's simplicity. It is made of raw edge pieces. They might all be triangles but probably not. I left thinking " I could attempt that."

Yesterday at Festival I sat down to eat a bite with a new book I bought. A woman joined me and began talking. She knows a whole lot about quilting. It's her 17th year. She told me there were many quilts that won awards that are sloppily done. She went on to talk about sloppy bindings etc. She wasn't impolite....she just knows alot and has an opinion.

I hope I never see what she sees. Ignorance is bliss. My breath is taken away by the quilts. While some are more my taste than others, I am stunned by what people can create. And most of those people are women.

Off to take in more beauty and do some sloppy work in the class I am taking.

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