Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why does everyone else have such a pretty blog?

The PHD post below is in the wrong place. Sigh. This is making me feel stupid. I wanted it on the right side of the blog but it seems to me that all I can put is a Gadget. And it doesn't link to the original site. Am I really this stupid? (Please don't let my first comment on my blog be "yes you are that stupid.)

Anyway, I'm committing to finishing these projects within 6 months.


  1. Naw... you aren't stupid! You are just new to blogging (I noticed)! It will take a while... I can help you through some of this, but we need to email to do so... my email addy (sort of) in your next post...

  2. I love your Dresden header photo! So soft and pretty.

  3. Your blog is lovely. It just takes awhile to figure everything out. I played with my blog for 6 months before I went public with it, just so I could figure a few things out and I still didn't know what I was doing! Don't will get easier and be more fun!

  4. The blogging part of blogging is fun....the mechanics of the blog aren't so much fun. I still don't even know how to change the background or add someone to my favorites. I have to wait for my daughter to come home for a visit to do that for me. By the way, your blue Log Cabin is beautiful!

  5. Blogging is a whole other language! Don't beat yourself up. I've been blogging over a year and I've been taking each change I want to make one change at a time. I have hours in it and have learned to ask for help when I can't figure it out.

    I agree with Karen, your header picture is fantastic!

  6. Your blog is lovely. :o)
    - Trish


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