Thursday, January 14, 2010

Triangles ala Edyta Sitar

The quilt shop is having a fun little triangle swap. You buy "cinnamon sticks" which are a light and dark fabric with a piece of triangle paper in it from Laundry Basket Quilts.

You put right sides together and pin the paper to the fabric.

Sew on the dotted lines.

Cut on the solid lines and you have triangles. Then you remove the paper.

Put about 720 together and you have this! Okay, maybe that's a little big for my skill level, but there are several projects in here.
The big idea is that you take your triangles back to the quilt shop. Each strip makes 10. So you take back 10 and they give you 10 different ones. It's an easy way to have a huge variety of triangles.
What fun!


  1. Sounds good! That quilt would be too many little triangles for me too! lol! 8-)
    How are your PhDs coming along?
    Happy stitchings!

  2. I love Edyta's designs!I have her first book "Hope to it" , but I haven't done it yet!

    The swap sounds like a fun!

    I heard of your blog from Myra, keep on blogging!

    Happy Sewing!


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