Monday, December 30, 2013

December in the Garden and Sewing Room

We have more blooming in the yard than I expected. Below is new growth on the yucca. The picture doesn't do it justice. It is a fresh, spiky new appendage. Brave to arrive in the middle of winter.

My new obsession is Christmas cactus. I bought one, got one, and then bought more 50% and 75% off. They are so striking in the winter garden.

 Our yellow Angel's Trumpet is blooming. I love this plant. It is so bizarre. We have a pink one that is in a pot. It hasn't done much and will be planted in the ground this spring.
 Coral berry. I just love these little purple/pink berries. The plant is slow growing but it is starting to make a statement in the flowerbed.
 The Dutchman's Pipe has bloomed through the month. This bloom looks like it is in jail behind the chain link fence. Another bizarre plant that I love.
 We now have 3 Japanese Lanterns. I can't stand to just throw cuttings away. I need to find people that want them or get over throwing the cuttings out. They are all in bloom. The one by the pergola is amazing. The blooms are so much fun.
 My sewing adventure includes Bonnie Hunter's mystery. I decided to shift from the king sized to the smaller quilt. That decision came after having to breathe into a bag because I was overwhelmed. I ditched the Tri-Recs ruler for my Accuquilt. Good decision.
 I love my new rotating cutting mat. This is a Matilda's Own. Much, much better than the Olfa. The Matilda's is sturdy. The Olfas kept falling off their base.
 I finally started sewing on my new, old Featherweight. I bought it this summer. I don't what took me so long to bring her out. Such a great machine. I'm so glad I bought her. I wonder who sewed on her in the past. Did she make dresses for girls to wear to school? Clothes and pretty things for the lady of the house? She just keeps stitching. Amazing.

I'm sewing my Leaders/Enders project which is red/neutral half square triangles. They will go together to make a Lady of the Lake/Ocean Waves quilt.

I'm off to sew clue #2 for the mystery quilt. I'm way behind but it will get done.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Celtic Solstice Start

 I got a slow start on my Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt. I had the whole week off with a Thanksgiving trip in the midst. Along the line I caught a bug/cold so took a few naps. Honestly, I would have taken the naps even if I didn't have a bug. Slow start, but I did get started.
I had some ripping to do to get to 3 1/2 squares. I even had to find the seam guide to put on the machine. Don't know why I was having issues with that.

I need more blues to have some variety. I'm very pleased with the orange.

Back to work and the balance of trying to have energy in the evening to quilt. Perhaps I need to do it anyway.
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