Sunday, July 17, 2011

HST Audition on Design Wall and Blooms in a Drought

A few months back I just needed to sew something quickly and productively. Just sew, not necessarily finish anything, as is my pattern. Charm packs made into HST's seemed to fit the bill. I need something for my office about this size so I pulled these out of unfinished projects storage. I have coordinating fabric in one of the blues. There are just so many ways to do HST. I love to search Flicker and see what folks have done with theirs. We are in a 100 year drought. The state has been declared a disaster. I think farmers would agree. I feel for those folks. I can't imagine linking my paycheck to the weather.

Succulents are about the only healthy thing around here. This basket hangs on the pergola. After many attempts with blooming annuals, I finally got smart and put in something drought tolerant.

Lowes had bowls of Pink Siam Ginger. They were $22. I'm supposed to be on a budget so that was just too much. Also, buying plants during a drought is not highly intelligent. We are struggling to keep what we have. So, I passed them up, regreted it, went back to buy them, they were gone, drove to other Lowes, nothing, and was very sad. Then I walked in this weekend and they had $22 Pink Siam Gingers! What a bargain. I love them. They make me happy when I look out the window and see them in their pinkness below the tree.

A little mallow showed up yesterday after a little rain. I forgot its name. It was a nice surprise this morning.

The mandevilla is still blooming. The leaves at the bottom look burned but it is still producing.

Duranta is loving the sun. It is so pretty with its dainty flowers.

Abelia is a new find for me. I have a couple of varieties. This one is an evergreen with a nice splash of color.

Yellow cestrum is just a blooming monster. I trim it back every few weeks.

They say it may rain tomorrow. Fingers are crossed.


  1. I hope you get some rain, please send it here then :O).

    Lovely flowers. I am struggling to keep what few I have alive as well.

    Not a commercial farmer but a small scale farmer on a small farm, I can tell you the weather is making it hard. Hay is going to be in short supply this year that is for for!

  2. Your garden looks lovely and I love the succulent hanging basket. They are highly underrated as they are wonderful plants in the garden!

  3. Just found you blog ... what a beautiful quilt! I'm just starting to learn quilting and have joined our local quilters guild ... so wish me luck.

    Feel free to visit me at my blog ...

    All the best, Katie


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