Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ridiculous Quilting

I'm being so brave, for me. I am tackling machine quilting. I did a couple of wall hangings without incident. Larger quilts are a totally different story. The picture below is so pretty...my beloved Bernina and beautiful Verna fabric. The real action is RIDICULOUS. Who can cram a full sized quilt into that little hole on the machine?! Yes, I know...plenty of people. I read their blogs. I think I will need a longarm machine eventually. Don't you agree?
It looks so easy here. It's not.

Below are some hourglass blocks. I so loved the fabric when I bought it. I pulled the blocks out to see why I never put them together. Now I know. Blah! No punch. I'll stare at them all night to see if I get inspired. If not, I'll store them again to see if something magical happens to them when they are sealed in their bin.

Still in love with wool applique. I added beads to the berries. It's so easy and the textures feel so cozy as I stitch.

I'm on vacation. Sewing until I need a break on the couch. Iris the dog mimicks me.

Off to see if the mail brought the catalog for the Houston Quilt Festival. I think class sign up is a competitive sport.

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  1. Your checkerboard is gonna be so pretty in this fabric. You'll do fine, my advice is to keep your shoulders down while you quilt, or you'll be hurtin' later! My list of completions rose dramatically when I got the quilt frame, so I totally understand your desire.

    When you do need to rest, tell Iris to scoot over~


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