Monday, December 27, 2010

Schnibbling and Fat Geese

I have been coveting the Schnibbles I've seen on the blogs. I wish I had caught on to the Year of Schnibbles when it started. I decided I need one for a blank spot in the hallway.
I've never made flying geese. I've heard lots of moaning about them. There seem to be a million rulers. That indicates to me that they are hard. Therefore, I have avoided them. The instructions in the Schnibbles book call for an easy way-kind of like doing HST by drawing the line down the middle.
Little did I know how fat my geese would be. I sewed so proudly.
A flock of fat geese. I can't judge. I'm fat too. I wonder if this is like fat people who have fat dogs.
This is the layout.
And the first couple of rows sewed together with the obese geese scrunched in there.

I'm hoping to get the last rows sewn together tomorrow. I need to go to the LQS to buy some binding and backing. That's just an excuse to go to the LQS.


  1. I love your fat geese! Too funny!

  2. You are so cute with your fat geese! :) Looking good project!


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