Sunday, January 23, 2011


I've been in search of coasters that I felt were worthy of my living room. I say that because I "misplaced" the ones my new husband brought to our relationship. I must have been tired of the ones I owned in the past. So, we have been putting drinks on magazines and living without coasters.

My search for something that matched but wasn't overpriced resulted in nothing. I found a great tutorial at 2 to make the coaster below. Cheap and easy!

All you need is tiles ( 16 cents at Home Depot), Mod Podge, scrapbook paper (59 cents at Hobby Lobby), varnish, and felt circles.

And here is the final product. This will be a handy gift to have on hand.


  1. I hope this does not post twice, had a issue on the first try :O). Your coasters are cute!

    My DH is a native Texas nas well, born and raised in Houston.

    I am not native to Texas but have lived here more years than any other place.

    I like the Dresden Plate Quilt block on your blog page. I am working on a Dresden Plate quilt now. Well that and a couple other ones as well :O).


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