Sunday, October 17, 2010

Aster Manor #2 In Progress

I started my second Aster Manor Disappearing Nine Patch. It's so quick and easy. My thinking is that this will be a Christmas gift for someone. I was just going to make one but I bought way too much material for the sashing and border that it just seemed cost effective to mass produce. So here is a go at the second version.

I decided to make the center block solids in each of these blocks. I didn't do that with the first version. Below is the nine patch in red before cutting. It was hard to cut that up. I think it's so pretty.

Then one of the brown nine patch blocks.

Here are all 9 disappearing nine patch blocks without the sashing or binding. I'm not sure how I'm going to like this one. With the center blocks being solid and all the others being prints...I feel like I see the same print blocks over and over. Not enough variation. We'll see what it looks like with sashing and border.
This is version #1 with sashing and border. I'll compare both when the sashing and border is added to version #2.

I need an entry level camera for blogging pictures. My fabrics and flowers don't get the credit due them with this camera. What kind should I get????

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  1. If you're not happy, keep playing around with the design. Disappearing 9 patch is one of my favourite quilts to make. They are really effective


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