Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stars in Hell

If there are stars in hell, they will be feathered stars. Like many, a feathered star quilt is on my bucket list. My LQS had a class on Square in a Square feathered star, so I signed up. I'm not very good with gadget rulers. I need the big picture rather than a series of details. I really didn't get it. This combined with some all time bad sewing led me to reconstruct just about every step of this piece. I don't love it. It doesn't really look like a traditional feathered star to me. But, I will add some borders and call it a quilt. I bought lots of Edyta Sitar's fabric for it so I have to use it. I don't hate it. Just not all that I thought it would be when I conquered feathered star.

I hope all those other things on my bucket list are more fun. Surely Yosemite will be breathtaking, leaves on the east coast in fall will be gorgeous, my red/white pineapple quilt of the future will be rewarding, etc. Sure would be a bummer to start checking things off that list only to realize the list never was very good to begin with.

The air outside has promise of fall. Hope you Sunday was peaceful.

1 comment :

  1. hahaha!! I "get it"!! I wouldn't even try....

    but, your's looks great!


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