Sunday, July 7, 2013

French General Stars and YELLOW

 I'm in love with all things French General. Yesterday I finished this top. I'm trying to decide how to quilt other than stitch in the ditch. I have a habit of stitching the ditch just because I can't think of something that would go well. Then I start stitching those ditches and think I'll die of boredom.

 I picked up a couple of Tapestry by Fig Tree layer cakes when they were on sale. I love churn dash blocks, especially turned on point. I picked out some subtle yellow....ignoring what I know about yellow. A little goes a LONG way. When I put all these blocks together there is a LOT of yellow. My subtle yellow doesn't seem so subtle anymore. I got some Eggshell by Kona yesterday to try to lesson the yellow. I don't know if that will work. Lesson learned....think before you use any yellow.

Rollo is so proud of himself. He tore apart his new elephant toy in record time. The pure joy that a dog exhibits is a good life lesson. Simple things make them so happy. Look at that mess!

This is my sewing room, thanks to Rollo. The carpet was old but Rollo had a couple of accidents and I couldn't stand to be in the room with the nasty carpet anymore. We had planned on tiling so the time seems right. My wonderful husband is going to build shelves in the closet. The walls will get some fresh paint and the old blinds will be replaced.

When I move everything back in I'm going to give everything a home so that there are clear surfaces. I let it get so cluttered that I couldn't concentrate in there.

The house is a disaster with my sewing stuff in a spare bedroom and the dining room. Fabric everywhere. Stuff everywhere. It shows how much stuff I have. Too much! I'm going to have to let some projects go and cut up the fabric for scrap quilts. I would have to live another 100 years to finish it all!

Three of my plumeria are blooming. This one has several branches this full of blooms. Just lovely.

Today I'm off to a Begonia Society meeting. I'm sure I'll come home with new plants. Luckily, I kill a few so there is always room for more.

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