Sunday, August 17, 2014

Blooms, Emily, and Jellybeans

A few of my plumeria are blooming. They are beautiful and fragrant. It's funny that you don't see visitors on the blooms until you look at the photo. 

 I just love the pine cone gingers. Last year they were eaten by critters. This year they are popping up throughout the yard. We might be overcome with them one day. This one is showing some red on it. They have a distinctive but mild scent.
 Emily has joined the crew. She is absolutely adorable. An organization, Pup Squad, rescues mama dogs with puppies and small orphaned puppies who would succumb to viruses in the kill shelters. Rescues are the best dogs. We have fallen in love with Emily.
 I bought some precuts of Jellybean by Edyta Sitar for some mindless sewing. When I need to zone out I make 9 patches, 4 patches, etc. Sometimes I just need to sew without real purpose. It's meditative.
 I'm putting the 9 patch and some rails together to make a throw. Not a work of art but fun to do.
Hope you are having a restful Sunday and headed into a great week.

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