Sunday, February 21, 2010

Do I Put New Tires on the Car or Sew Today?

I have a flat tire and had to put that "donut" on the car. I had too much going on at work to go get it fixed the next day. So, I borrowed my boyfriend's car. Surely, he wouldn't mind me driving his red, Mustang convertible. He has offered his truck for me to drive when needed, but never the convertible. Wonder what that's about? Hmm...

So here is today's dilemma. Above you see the Blessings blocks that I've made into hour glass blocks. This is far from exciting, but I love the fabric. It makes me happy. I need to figure this out today. How will these blocks go together? I think I'll stick with the burgundy sashing and the blue print border.

Do I sew or go sit for hours at the tire shop?


  1. Well, the child in me says, Sew, Sew!!! but the adult says go get your tire fixed and then you can sew when you get back.. Either way, your blocks are so pretty!!

  2. Oh my goodness I just love these blocks. Have you sewn them together yet?



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