Monday, February 15, 2010

Design Wall Monday-after 2 weeks of no sewing

Blessings: I bought a layer cake from the Blessings line. One night after a tough day I just came home, cut, and sewed. It was very unimaginative. I just needed to sew.

The rule was that I would only sew on this when I needed a blessing or felt blessed. After 2 hours my day was better. At first I was just going to sew rows together. Today was the first day I have sewed in 2 weeks. I had the day off. What a blessing!

I'm not sure how this is going to go together. I have a burgundy for sashing and some of the blue print that's in the middle for the border. I love that print. I'm just not sure what to do with the outside blocks. I started adding another row because I love some of the prints in those blocks. Just not sure about it. This is one of the projects I committed to complete for the challenge. Time to move on it!

Below is some hour glass blocks I made today from the Nature's Notebook line. I love that fabric. Again, I had a layer cake. I like the precuts because you get to see all the fabrics in the line.

I don't like that you only get a few pieces of what you really love. Today I had to try to find more of the patterns I want to feature more in the quilt.

I am making 9 patches from a jelly roll of the same line. So an hour glass/9 patch quilt.

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  1. Hi, it's Marie from GHQG :), I found you...not sure what I was doing wrong but I tried again and your blog came up.
    Wow, I love the colors in the Blessings piece and look forward to seeing more of this put together.
    Your blue/yellow is very pretty as well. Not sure how you construct your Hour Glass blocks but I will bring an instruction sheet, to the March meeting, on an easy method to make these.
    Did you make the Dresden Plate block in your header??? I Love that!


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