Saturday, September 3, 2011

Swoon Block 2 and Replying to Comments

Still in love with Swoon. Block 2 is done. I wonder if I can get them all done by the end of September. I'm going for king size so I need more blocks than the pattern suggests. I have to be careful while cutting since it uses most of the fat quarter. There is little room for error. Of course, I know that from the cutting error I already made.

I don't think this picture shows the fabric is the star very well. It is elegant. William Morris knows pretty.

My project for this weekend is to figure out how to reply to comments. I've always just gone over to the person's blog. I tried to reply but I was led astray. I hate techy stuff. I want things to just work. But I'll tackle it this weekend.

I'm off to the LQS to buy supplies for the class I'm taking tomorrow, Dancing with Threads. It is based on Ann Fahl's book.


  1. Your Swoon blocks are beautiful! :o)
    I can not wait to begin my Swoon quilt.
    Seems so many irons are in the fire.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Sincerely, Trish

  2. Just click on the word comment :) Technology is generally not my friend either. there has been an issue going on lately where your comment will just disappear. That drove me BATTY. I finally got that one figured out. I had to set my Internet Explorer to accept third party cookies. Weird, but finally I got there. Okay, I needed help, but someone finally told me the answer :)


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