Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Art of Making Simple Things Complicated

I've been away for quite a while. Some sewing happened but not much accomplishment to post. Have you ever been just depleted? Feel like you weren't giving what was needed in any area of your life but had so little left to give? That was me. Something had to change. So, I got a new job and started focusing on myself. Life is much better.

So I decided to use up some beautiful civil war reproduction prints. I bought them to do the Civil War Diaries but never got very far. I need a big couch quilt and thought a log cabin was a great idea. I also didn't want to take on a complicated project. A log cabin would be just repetitive sewing of strips. Very theraputic.

I got the Marti Michell book and ruler. Notice that the ruler helps you measure strips in the lengths you will need. Very efficient and simple.
Except, I made it so hard. For some reason I started making blocks with strips all the way to "n." That's 14 lengths of strips. The blocks were huge. Also, I didn't have enough light fabric. Lots of trips to the LQS were required. I ended up with huge, uber blocks. I really can't explain what I was thinking. Clearly I wasn't. So I unsewed so that I had 11.5 inch blocks. I think they should be 12 inches.

I'm going to arrange them in a barn raising layout. I've changed out a few blocks after looking at these pictures.

This is an audition of a sash with the gold. The border will be the brown. I think I need something dark between the blocks and the gold. Still thinking about that. I hope your 2012 is off to a good start. I'm looking forward to a year in which I meet my obligations but also have space for myself.


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  1. this looks like it's going to be beautiful~!
    maybe you have finished it?
    log cabins are one of my favorite patterns and there really are some very different effects gotten depending on how one arranges the blocks.


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