Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tumbler Quilt

While vowing to start a project and finish it, the log cabin quilt, I started another. I fell in love with the Little Gatherings fabric. Just love those browns with a splash of black every now and then. Here it is all pieced together and ready to trim and quilt.

I couldn't wait to order a template for the tumbler so my hubby printed one. Prior to that I tried to use the cardboard from the charm pack but I kept cutting into it. I went old school and just used a paper pattern. That's what impatience does for you.

Then my hubby cut a template from MDF. So nice of him. I have a few odd tumblers due the the variety of successful and unsuccessful templates.

It's January and we have blooms. I love this mass of petunias that used to be in the urn. Now they have created a bed at the bottom of the urn. They needed more dirt and found a better way to survive.

And roses are blooming. This rose bush had a tough time during the drought. Now is it's time to be showy. These roses represent resilience to me.

I love the details in something as common as a petunia bloom. Wouldn't that make a lovely art quilt? Look at the veins and the contrast of the stamen. Just lovely. Some day.


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  1. oh my~!!~ that petunia photo is gorgeous~!



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