Saturday, February 25, 2012

Quilt Show, Museum, and Gallery Visit

Yesterday I went to the Colorado Valley Quilt Guild Show. It was a coordination of events including a new exhibit at the Texas Quilt Museum and a fiber art exhibit at the Copper Shade Tree gallery.

There were too many people flocked around this quilt to get the big picture. It is a fascinating quilt made up of people the quilter felt were significant to America. Louisa May Alcott...

Davy Crockett...he's important to us here in Texas. The quilter also included people like Lucille Ball. It's a fascinating concept to me. She had to research all these people and gather pictures that would work.

Red and white. Simply put, I'm obsessed. Each star has a variety of reds in them.

Prairie points to finish the edge. I need to attempt that sometime.

One of the few contemparary quilts. The label said that her husband wanted "one of those Gees Bend type quilts." She used shot cottons. Great colors.

A lovely traditional quilt. The picture doesn't do it justice. The quilter did a great job of picking colors with some surprises in the background. You probably notice some squares that stand out. I wonder if that was intentional.

Lovely applique.

More lovely applique on another quilt. Birds and them. A friend tells me that my attraction to pears in art is some Freudian issue with my mother. Wow, that's deep!

More red and white. This one was striking. Another one that the pictures don't do justice.

Then I headed off to the Texas Quilt Museum. I wish I could have taken pictures there. I highly recommend a visit. They are showing quilts from Lone Star Quilts III.

It was a fun and inspiring day.

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  1. Hi, Joanna. Thanks for the tour--I agree, red and white quilts are to die for! And thanks for stopping by and joining my blog. Looking forward to following your future projects!
    best from Tunisia,


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