Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hearts a Swooning

Isn't nature fascinating? I had to buy this bleeding heart plant. Note that the stem that holds the bloom on the other stem is pink. The swoosh of color in each bloom is amazing. This makes me want to make an art quilt...if only I knew where to begin.

Another swoon block done. Today I'm going to cut the remaining blocks so I can do an assembly line approach. I have so many projects going that I spend lots of time recalling how to do things. It's time to get this one finished.

I'm off to quilt my tumbler top. I have 2 machines set up. One will be for my Swoon production line. The other for whatever whim I currently have.


  1. A beautiful flower! I have never seen bleeding hearts here in Australia.
    Love your Swoon blocks!
    Enjoy your sewing!

  2. your block is beautiful but looks a bit complicated. i'm not sure i could do that one.

    the bleeding hearts are really pretty. it's still quite cold here so will be a while before we see flowers like this even in the nurseries.



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