Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Outside the Window

It's the end of spring break. It was early this year so spring wasn't in full form. This is the view outside my sewing room window. I LOVE my azaleas. They are just starting to pop. I absolutely love sitting in this spot to sew.

I have a new book that is motivating me. Kathy Doughty's Adding Layers. I first saw it on the Exuberant Color blog

I fell in love with this block. It is similar to a block she has in her Making Quilts book but this one is squared off. No sewing curves! This appeals to me. It is basically a dresden plate. I love sewing dresdens. They are quick and rewarding.

 I'm trying to choose fabric combinations that are wildly outside my comfort zone. I tried but not sure they will be wildly outside what I normally choose. Maybe a little bit.

I want to end up with a quilt for my king sized bed. It will have to have a lot of blue to look good in the room. Here's my first block.

Today I am grateful for my husband who made me the wedge I needed. He made it from MDF which is a great template. I'm so spoiled and grateful for that. 

Saw this on a blog and thought it would be good for me to live by. 

Mooi verwoord

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