Monday, March 31, 2014

Vintage Spin and Spring

I'm loving making these blocks. They go together so quickly and I get to see how the fabrics play together very quickly. I've ordered a square ruler large enough to cut a 13 1/2 inch square. Rulers/squares are pricey when they get that large!

I love, love, love the blue print in this block.
And the blues in this block. This may be too matchy-matchy but I like it.

Teal and gold. Yum!
This blue print is gorgeous in "real life." It has birds too!
Burgundy, gold, and green. This is a bold one.

Hot pink. Bright.

Hot pink in our new redbud tree. I love spring.
Bunny eared cactus. Whimsical.
Desert rose. My husband tried to water it to death but it lived despite him.
Azaleas. Gorgeous and the announcement of spring.

Hope spring has sprung in your world or will soon. Life renewed.


  1. HI Joanna,

    Your quilt blocks are so pretty! We love the colors ! We thought it was really fun that your pink fabric color seems to exactly match your azalea and redbud flowers ! Your flower photos are gorgeous and remind us how grateful we are that springtime has arrived.
    Happy quilting, from Marina and Daryl

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