Sunday, March 21, 2010

All Girls Look Pretty with Flowers

The azaleas are about to bloom. Each day the buds open a little more. It's a lesson in patience. I walk out each day and beg them to bloom today.

Muttilda is being a little dramatic. She's quite shy. I told her she looked very pretty. What girl wouldn't look pretty with a hibiscus or geranium in her hair/fur?

Iris is full of confidence and knows she looks pretty in front of the petunias.

Petunias on steroids! This began as a hanging basket. It made it through last summer's heat and the winter's freeze. Perseverance!

We begin a great week. My goal is to sew 1 hour each day. Please don't scroll down and see that I've never accomplished any of the goals I've set. This week will be the first in which I meet my goal!


  1. Hello Joanna,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. It is nice to hear from a fellow quilter, plant and dog lover. Mattilda looks like a sweetie pie. I have a few projects that I'm working on and as soon as I'm done I will be back at my sewing machine. This is the year that I will make my Husband his quilt. Happy sewing.
    Bobbie Lynn

  2. I am not sure but I think this is my first visit. Did a bit a reading and scrolling but skipped the 'goal ones' ;-)
    Are those flowers flowering nowwwww? How wonderful. Here are the first flowers just peeping out of the soil to see if they should grow or go back to sleep!
    BTW enjoyed reading your blog.


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