Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pinwheel Block 2

I love making pinwheels. I'm not so good with the points but I vowed to let it go after a couple of rips. The green and pink is a little bold.
I started with Moda White as the neutral. Who doesn't have Moda? Who doesn't have white? Well, no quilt shop around me. I bought the last of the bolt and they don't seem to be getting any in anytime soon. I'll have to buy it online. What a boring thing to pay shipping for!

This week's goal: Sew a little each night even if I'm dog tired from work. Post something each night. So, see you tomorrow.

Do you think the same people who have interesting things to blog about are the same people who have status updates on Facebook? Just a thought.


  1. Very pretty. I've never made a quilt, although I have an idea for a small one for DH and myself.



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