Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Edyta Sitar Workshop....My Dream Come True!

Edyta Sitar came to our quilt guild. I have coveted her work for a long time...imagined my house decorated in the quilts I saw in her books...etc. I saw her on the schedule for March for a daytime workshop. I never can do them because of that having to work for a living thing. But...this was during spring break.

She was so much fun. A very good teacher who took time to gently show me how to do the most basic things. A true teacher. Below are some of the quilts she showed us. I'll post the block I made in a few days.

The star blocks are made from strips rather than triangles. Too complicated to explain, but she found a way to make a difficult block easy.

This is Aloha. I have seen it on her web site.....and salivated. The applique is from one piece of material which is gradiated. (is that the word?) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!!!!

Elegant Garden...she told how easy it is. She did it on a camping trip. I want to be her.

I LOVE this one too. Hop to It. Just beautiful.

At the risk of repeating myself...LOVE this too. The picture doesn't do it justice.

It was a wonderful day. I felt so blessed to be able to spend time with someone so talented and willing to share her gift.


  1. What a nice quilt show! I love the way she made her block from triangles, I zoomed in on it.


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