Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kaffe Dresden Audition and Pinwheels

I have this spot in the hallway that needs something. I put a print up but he didn't like it. I really did. Now the conference room at work looks really good...with that print.

I love dresdens. First I thought Verna because the walls are kinda butter colored. I think it's too washed out on the walls. But I do love Verna. I have a jelly roll and some yardage so this charm pack is destined to something other than a dresden.
I've had this Kaffe charm pack since quilt festival. I'm scared of all the color. I don't know what looks good and what looks too busy. When I see other people's usage of Kaffe, I think it looks great. A little insecure about this. And I know he won't like it...but what does he know?

How do I lay it out so it is colorful rather than chaotic? It's too dark on the right. Need some light there, I think.
Iris the dog decided to wake up at 3:00 AM so I got an early start. I had 2 blocks done before 9:00. I think I'm halfway there with the Pinwheel Sampler.

Here is a blurry overview of the blocks so far. One of the upcoming blocks is not my favorite. I have to decide tonight whether I go ahead and make it or not.

Tomorrow's goal= at least 2 pinwheel blocks and a draft of the dresden. And to sleep past 3:00 AM.

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