Friday, July 16, 2010

Kaffe Dresden Progress and More PInwheels

The blades of the dresden are sewn. I drove to the LQS for their 25% off sale and got two choices for binding. I'm going to make a wall hanging. Can't decide if I try to do the quilting. My free motion is just pathetic. Probably don't want to try on this.

More pinwheel blocks. Everyone else has finished thier quilts. I have 3 more blocks to go. Amazing how much I get done when I'm on vacation. My goal is to keep the productivity up when I go pack to work next week.

Below is a picture of all the blocks on the design wall. I think I need more pink. I didn't use a layer cake. I couldn't find enough Jennifer Paganelli fabric when I needed it so the quilt has taken a different direction. Next time I'll stick with one line of fabric. It's too stressful to find fabric that matches.

This is the sweetest picture of Iris the dog. In this picture it is bedtime. I have a Milkbone and she's waiting patiently at the top of the stairs for her bedtime snack.
Off to make more blocks!

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